How we compare to other hot water heat pumps

When comparing hot water heat pumps for performance there are many factors to take into consideration including heat output, noise etc….

The Reclaim CO2 heat pump has one of the highest Co-efficient of Performance (COP) ratings at 4.7. This means that by choosing this brand you will get the most heat in your hot water cylinder for your electricity used. A high COP equates to lower operating costs which ultimately mean saving more money on power.

It is also significantly quieter than most other heat pumps on the market ensuring you the tranquillity in your new home. Operating at only 37dB on the decibel scale as opposed to some of its competitors with sounds in the 50 – 60dB range. 37dB is equivalent to the noise level in a library or whispering.

diagram of decibles for hot water heat pump sound

The Reclaim CO2 heat pump system has no electric element meaning that all water heating is by the heat pump only.  This guarantees that the savings promised are delivered and there are no hidden costs for electrical water heating.  With an accessible time controller it has the ability to work using PV power, optimising your system gains.

Using natural CO2 as the refrigerant it is one of the most environmentally friendly choices. Using carbon dioxide as the refrigerant a Reclaim heat pump has a Global Warming Potential of only one.  Alternative systems using traditional refrigerants have a Global Warming Potential of up to 2,000 times more potency as a global warming gas than CO2