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How our CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump Works

Heat pump water heaters absorb warmth from the air, amplify it and transfer it to heat water.  Therefore, they are also referred to as ‘air-source heat pumps’. Heat pumps use electricity to operate the compressor rather than heating an electric element.  Because of this a Reclaim system is nearly five times more efficient than a conventional electric water cylinder with an electric element. They save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity generation.

Diagram showing how the Reclaim Energy co2 heat pump works

Uses heat energy in air

Ambient temperature air contains plenty of heat energy

Heat pump concentrates heat energy

Reclaim compressor concentrates heat energy from air using natural CO2 refrigerant

Cylinder heated by heat pump

Heat energy is transferred from CO2 refrigerant to cold water by heat exchanger in compressor.

Hot water fills cylinder from top down

In a single pass through the compressor hot water at 63°C is returned to the top of the hot water cylinder.

Heat pump turned off when full cylinder is hot

Reclaim controller turns heat pump compressor off once sensor in cylinder reaches 60°C




Environmental care

Natural CO2 refrigerant
Very efficient for water heating
Global Warming Potential of just 1
Naturally occurring gas

Water only circulation

All refrigerant is safely contained within compressor
No refrigerant circulating in hot water cylinder
No need for maintenance or refrigerant top ups

Power savings

Up to 75% reduction in energy for water heating
4.7 COP – highest in NZ
Maximise self-generated PV electricity with five times more energy output
Instant boost function using heat pump


Indoor or outdoor cylinder

Keep your linen cupboard warm with your cylinder
Or make space inside with an outdoor cylinder
With Reclaim you choose where your cylinder lives
No electric element used

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