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A hot water solution for larger and longer homes.

FlowSmart can be installed on any hot water cylinder and is the perfect complement to Reclaim CO2 heat pumps, providing a single, highly efficient and sustainable hot water system.

This enables a single hot water cylinder to serve outlets that would usually be too far away from each other and which may otherwise require a second water heater.

The system can also be used in existing homes to solve long wait times for hot water and water waste if there is access between the cylinder and remote bathroom or other hot water outlet, to run a return pipe back to the cylinder.

See the installation diagram below:

flowsmart diagram of hot water circulation for large and long homes

Installation considerations:
Plumber to provide additional tempering valve, ball valve, pipework and any plumbing fittings required. Controller requires standard 230V socket in cylinder cupboard near pump location. Pipe sensor must be underneath insulation and well secured to pipework

Installation with Reclaim CO2 hotwater heat pump:
Installation of FlowSmart must be to Reclaim hot water cylinder with dedicated return port for FlowSmart.