Reducing costs and carbon emmisions for commercial buildings and businesses

Flexible size options for commercial systems

The Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pumps are modular and are scalable to provide more hot water for commercial projects of any size. There are 5kW and 30kW units for larger loads that both can be cascaded to suit requirements. Businesses that would benefit from installing Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pumps include but are not limited to motels, marae and smaller residential care, apartment buildings, medical centers, sports facilities and dairy farms. If your business or commercial building relies on the use of hot water you could be reducing your energy cost significantly with a Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump.

Delivering up to five units of heat energy from the air for every unit of electricity it uses the CO2 heat pump is a very efficient solution to hot water heating in commercial applications.

Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump Compressor

What makes CO2 such an environmentally friendly refrigerant?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a number of positive attributes as a refrigerant, making it one of the most sustainable choices in a hot water heat pump:

  • CO2 has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1, meaning 1kg of leaked refrigerant equals 1kg of global warming activity. This is significantly lower than other commonly used heat pump refrigerants with much, much higher GWP: for example, R410 x 2,088, R-134A x 1,430, R32 x 675
  • CO2 has a very wide range of temperatures under which is can operate efficiently. This means that a CO2 heat pump will retain high efficiency even as the outside air temperature cools.

Q-Ton 30kW Systems

Commercial CO2 Heat Pump Qton

Reclaim Energy’s high efficiency Q-TON Commercial Heat Pump is an air-to-water heat pump using CO2 gas as a refrigerant. It can be used in a variety of applications for the supply of sanitary hot water. The Q-TON Commercial Heat Pump is the world’s first two-stage compressor combining rotary and scroll technology to maintain high efficiency and significantly improve performance at cooler air temperatures.

With the increasing need to use low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, we believe CO2 heat pumps are the way forward to comply with future regulations, as well as market trends. The Q-TON Commercial Heat Pump meets the demand for medium to large sanitary hot water generation that involves low electricity consumption and a high level of environmental friendliness.

The Q-TON Commercial Heat Pump assures improved energy efficiency and carbon reduction through the effective management of the heat source, as well as the heat storage capacity in line with the hot water requirements of the particular site.