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Commercial hot water heating

The Reclaim Q-TON commercial CO2 heat pump.

The high efficiency Q-TON commercial heat pump by Reclaim Energy is an air-to-water heat pump using CO2 gas as a refrigerant, which can be used in a variety of applications for the supply of sanitary hot water. The Q-TON heat pump has been featured as the world’s first two-stage compressor (combining rotary and scroll technology). It maintains high efficiency and significantly improves performance at cold outside air temperatures.

The team at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have design and launched this innovative unique air source heat pump to allow maximum efficiency, with a minimal carbon footprint all controlled from a comprehensive touch screen panel. Currently with the increasing pressure for the use of low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant, we believe the CO2 heat pump is the way forward to comply with future regulations as well as market trends.

The Q-TON commercial heat pump meets a range of disparate demands including the need for medium to large sanitary hot water generation. This involves low electricity consumption and a high level of environmental friendliness.

diagram of how the air is used in a commercial co2 hot water heat pump
Daigram of the inside workings of the commercial co2 hot water heat pump
Diagram show how the air is compressed in the commercial co2 hot water heat pump

We’ve always been solution focused.

Improved energy and carbon reduction requires a unit that can manage the heat source as well as the heat storage capacity. The Q-TON assures this is done in line with the hot water requirements on-site. For example a single remote panel can control a unit with the heating capacity of 30kW and up to 16 coupled units (a total of 480kW) for better functionality. This enables the Q-TON to be specified in a vast array of new build or retro fit applications of all sizes.

With an industry-beating coefficient of performance of 4.3, the Q ton is the ideal system for meeting the hot water requirements in commercial buildings like hotels, apartment blocks, restaurants, fitness centres, universities, hospitals, care homes, laundries and  food industries.

Systems can be set up to meet specific requirements and a touch screen controller makes the system simple to operate while the user-friendly graphic display enables users to monitor hot water production and availability.

commercial apartment building

Leisure Centres / Restaurants
3,000 Litres / Day

commercial hot water for retirement homes

Care Homes / Universities
5,000 Litres / Day

commercial hot water for motels and hotels

Hotels / Spas
10,000 Litres / Day

commercial hot water for hotels and motels

Apartment Blocks
15,000 Litres / Day

Why Q-TON?

The Q-TON from Reclaim Energy delivers outstanding performance and environmental benefits to a varied number of applications. The Q-TON is exceptionally energy efficient which results in big reductions in both power and carbon emissions.

The Q-TON uses CO2 as a refrigerant which is environmentally friendly, safe and highly efficient as it is a natural gas and does not contain harmful ecological impacts compared to other products using standard refrigerants.

Furthermore the Q-TON uses a constant hot water supply from 60°C to 90°C and maintains the full capacity at a very low ambient temperature. Therefore there is no requirement for an external heating source and as a result this saves valuable installation time and costs.

High Performance
  • 60°C to 90°C water supply even with outside temperatures as low as -25°C
  • The ability to maintain 100% capacity down to -7°C
High Efficiency
  • The industry’s highest coefficient of performance (4.3 in intermediate season)*
  • Massive reductions in both running costs and CO2 emissions
Environmentally Responsible
  • GWP (Global Warming Potential) = 1
  • ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) = 0
Easy Operation
  • Advanced, but simple to operate touch screen panel with LCD
  • User-friendly schedule setting and one-touch  ll up operation
Long-term Reliability
  • High quality robust technology
  • Long life expectancy
CO2 hot water emissions graph nz
energy savings graph for hot water heat pump

The Q-TON commercial heat pump will significantly contribute to any organisations commitment to reduce their carbon emissions. Further savings are expected as the electricity becomes greener with the decarbonisation of the grid.

How this commercial hot water heat pump works.

The Q-TON absorbs ‘free’ heat from outdoor air and amplifies it to generate hot water swiftly and efficiently. It generates hot water up to 90°C without the requirement for an additional electric immersion heater.

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hot water coming from the shower head
commercial controller

The Q-TON commercial hot water heat pump uses a coil of cold refrigerant that absorbs ‘free’ heat from the outside air and a 2-stage compressor that puts the refrigerant under high pressure in order to raise its temperature. An on-board heat exchanger uses heat from the refrigerant to generate the sanitary hot water.

Hot water can be produced during off peak tariff electricity which is then stored in a tank for daytime use. The Q-TON heat pump efficiently produces high-volume hot water using just ambient air heat and a small amount of electricity.

The Q-TON is usually used for direct boiler replacement as it controls the water supply and storage

Easy operation
  • Advanced touch screen remote
  • controller panel.
  • Full dot liquid crystal display.
  • Allows finely adjusted operation
  • for energy savings.

User friendly
  • LCD panel with light tap
  • operation introduced as the
  • industry’s  rst.
  • Large 3.8 inch full dot display.
  • Back light function.

Fill up operation

Regardless of the setting that has been applied, there is always the functionality to manually re fill the tank.

Schedule Setting

Set a schedule such as a weekly operation pattern, day off or a peak-cut timer.

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