Corrosion tests on Reclaim compressors for coastal environments

Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump compressors are manufactured in Japan, a country with a similar maritime climate to New Zealand. Laboratory testing has been conducted in Japan on the Reclaim compressors for resistance to damage caused by salt spray. The unit has not had a  specific coating applied to the evaporation coils. The following […]

Why do we use CO2 to heat water?

There are a number of quite technical reasons why we use CO2 (carbon dioxide) instead of other refrigerants in the Reclaim CO2 heat pump.  Fundamentally it comes to two things: first, we want the best performance from the refrigerant, no matter how cold the weather.  Second, we want to minimise the system’s environmental impact, for […]

How we compare to other hot water heat pumps

When comparing hot water heat pumps for performance there are many factors to take into consideration including heat output, noise etc…. The Reclaim CO2 heat pump has one of the highest Co-efficient of Performance (COP) ratings at 4.7. This means that by choosing this brand you will get the most heat in your hot water […]