Rotorua Home Installation

Here is an example of a hot water system installation in Rotorua that we have been monitoring for a while now.  There are 5 adults in this home which is in a cool, shady and damp lakeside spot near Rotorua.  Because the house is so shady, they have the fire on for a lot of year to keep the house warm enough.  They installed a Reclaim CO2 hot water system just after lockdown last year and here are some graphs showing the efficiency of the system and the minimal outlay in energy costs. The running costs for this example are as low as $0.97 a day, most households spend at least three times that on hot water. The price of electricity in this example is 25c/kWh and the data really talks for itself!
Graph of data for hot water heating system in August
Graph for one day of hot water heating in January
Graph showing data from one week in septemeber for hot water heating
Graph of data for hot water system a week in Decemeber 2020
Diagram shoing one month in september
Graph of data for one month in December 2020 for hot water heating