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The environment.

future savings for the environment and energy

Reclaim is brought to New Zealand by Apricus NZ Eco Energy.  We have been innovating, designing and installing sustainable hot water system in NZ since 2003.  We are passionate about the potential of energy efficient and environmentally-friendly hot water solutions for Kiwi families, tailored to the unique and demanding conditions in New Zealand.  We work tirelessly to ensure you get the optimum savings in hot water, lessening your impact on the planet.

Customer care.

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We have built a strong and trusted team to ensure our product design, development, sales support and after sales care are of the highest standards for you our customer. We are committed to building an ongoing relationship with you to ensure the product always remains responsive to your needs and aspirations.


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Our commitment to product innovation and next generation technology is driven from our established track record and reputation for providing individualised advice. We live in your neighbourhood, we understand your seasons, we know your needs and it drives us to continue to develop our product’s potential.

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Hot Water Hear Pump is bought to you by Apricus Eco, leaders in environmental hot water and central heating systems in New Zealand.

Other products from Apricus Eco:

Apricus Solar Hot Water Logo

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems installed throughout New Zealand. Apricus collectors have been installed in New Zealand for over 10 years giving invaluable system design experience and knowledge. This is combined with a relentless focus on quality and continual improvement by Apricus Global.

Easypell Pellet Boilers Logo

You can use a Easypell pellet boiler for most of your household heating requirements, including underfloor heating, radiators, domestic hot water and pool heating. But also for smaller commercial use, wherever thermal energy is required. Easypell boilers are designed and built in Austria under the ÖkoFEN standard. There are more than 70.000 units working with this system worldwide

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ÖkoFEN is a specialist in pellet boilers and one of the leading suppliers of renewable energy sources. From economical and convenient pellet heating systems through to space-saving pellet tanks. Whether it be for family homes, municipalities or industry, you’ve found the right address for everything to do with heating with wood pellets!

Flow smart hot water booster logo

Efficient delivery of hot water to multiple distanced outlets throughout your home. Flowsmart reduces the need for multiple water heaters and eliminates waste while waiting for hot water to reach your tap. This is a smart hot water circulation system that perfectly compliments all of Apricus NZ Eco Energy products.