It's time for massive savings off your energy bill

An environmentally friendly, energy efficient hot water system will reduce your carbon emissions and living costs every day, every year, for years to come.

The Reclaim Energy

CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System

75% energy savings

One of the most efficient hot water heat pumps in NZ & up to 5 times more efficient than an electric element.

CO2 technology

Using the latest developments in refrigerant technology, this system uses highly efficient and natural CO2.

Environmentally friendly

With one of the best COP ratings and a low global warming potential, you will save money and the planet.

Advanced control

Whisper quiet functionality programmed to suit your individualised needs, meaning you will never run out of hot water.

Hot water for five people for a dollar a day, all year round.

CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump from Reclaim Energy NZ

The perfect hot water heat pump

A Reclaim CO2 heat pump can deliver up to five units of heat energy from the air for every unit of electricity it consumes. This means that the cost of energy used to produce your hot water is minimised. Using CO2 as the refrigerant Reclaim heat pumps have excellent cold weather performance and there is never any need for an electrical element to supplement heating your water.

The benefits

Our Reclaim CO2 heat pump controller makes managing your energy use simple. The interactive features enable you to individually decide how and when your hot water system works for you.

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How it works

Heat pump hot water heaters absorb warmth from the air, amplify it and transfer it to the hot water cylinder.

Therefore, they are also referred to as ‘air-source heat pumps’. Heat pumps use electricity to operate the compressor rather than heating an electric element. They save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity generation.

We are

Committed to building a community of people who are passionate about energy efficiency through innovative, interactive and individualised environmental hot water solutions. We believe in the goal of a sustainable lifestyle and the potential for living off-grid. Join us

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